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Other Offerings

Here you will find links to information on the types of poetry forms I commonly use, and ones I would like to use. Just click on the underlined text to be taken to the relevant information, thank you to good old Wikipedia. I find it useful to refer back to these descriptions sometimes. It gives you a skeleton to work with, and you feel like a confident wordsmith throwing words like ‘stanza’ and ‘iambic pentameter’ around.

With meter or ‘rhythm’ in poetry, it is usually measured by the letters A B C D = for each time a rhyme changes, or the ‘beat’ changes. Interesting to read all the different types of meter there are, from all over the world.

Stanza Types

Hope this information is of use to budding poets out there and spurs further research for you, poet or not. It has certainly helped me in my craft. I can thoroughly recommend this site for all things poetry. The Poets Garret, garret being another name for a small attic room. We poets are certainly prone to sneaking off to secret corners, hidden from the world whilst pouring our heart out to it in stanzas!

Enjoying poetry,

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