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About the Secret Poetess

silhouette-376538_1920Writing creatively comes as easy to me as breathing. I day-dream verse of all kinds and have been writing for myself and others since forever…with some praise and prizes along the way. There were, of course, awkward silences and deaf ears in the early days, like with all budding poets. With an insatiable need to ‘get my verse out there’ whilst remaining fairly anonymous – I humbly post my work in the hope of touching a soul who needs to laugh, cry…or just ponder on the madness & wonder of life.

Some of my literary influences include William Blake, Emily Dickenson & Pam Ayres…I have to mention Dr Seuss too, last but not very least. I know. An eclectic lot.

I have ‘a thing’ for rhyme and rhythm, partly due to a musical background. Songwriting is another passion of mine. Mix that with a career in finance and you can see how I like things to fit together logically and flow. Just like the best balance sheets and songs.

The reason I remain secret is that my face or name just is not necessary for you to enjoy my work… plus, I am slightly shy. Typical INFJ. I prefer some anonymity – just like Banksy! Life is easier that way I find.

If you would like me to write a personal poem for you on any subject in the universe, it would be a pleasure to oblige. I will need some background information to compile a verse but rest assured I do not need a life story – just what you are comfortable in providing.

If you would like a serious style or something more jolly, you will be the guide – I will merely be the secret pen that puts your secret feelings into words. Any weird or derogatory requests will, of course, be filed under B(in).

It goes without saying that my work is protected under all the relevant copyright laws in the universe – It would be wonderful if you could acknowledge my secret verse, whenever or wherever you copy or use it because we all know that karma secretly goes both ways, folks…especially in the literary world.

Enjoy your perusing, thank you for choosing…


© The Secret Poetess

3 thoughts on “About the Secret Poetess

  1. Totally respecting your right to privacy or anonymity, it is not for me. I prefer seeing individuals with all of the beauty and/or ugliness they carry. We are all awesome creation of life in this vast universe and no matter how ugly or fearful we think about any aspect of ourselves, I’m sure someone out there will still find something to be positive or learn from.

    Instead of boring you any further with my philosophies, I’d love to take up your offer to write something about. Pls. have a look at https://aatayyab.wordpress.com/2018/05/25/troglodytes-and-other-creatures-that-live-in-caves-no-offense-to-bats/ and let me know if it inspires you enough to write anything or it deserves only to be filed under B(in) 🙂

    I loved the sarcasm you threw at the dustbin, not the poor trash.

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    1. Thank you kindly for reading, I totally respect your views, and wish you peace. I have read your blog, and you are indeed a rebel! Alas, I am a mere bystander in this literary feud. I will take the path of least resistance, and hope that somehow, you all find peace in your musings. I shall file this under ‘work in progress’ and as soon as the futility of arguing has been revealed, perhaps poetry will follow 🙂 Have fun on your poetry quests! 🙂

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  2. Agreed 100%. Not everyone is grown and mature enough like yourself to see it nothing more than arguing. Whenever things cross that nicety border, I let other players handle the situation removing myself. Thanks a lot for your precious time though. You are also welcome to explore other 99.99% of my blog 🙂 🌹

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