Yeah, I’m a Pollyanna, I live in a fantasy land.

You know me by my word, writ large with this fair hand.

I have a comfort blanket, it’s called ‘All will be just fine’.

I smile when I should cry, still, my smile is truly mine.


Yeah, I’m a Pollyanna, I’ve been called a fool.

I never learned to hate, even when I was in school.

I’m always on the side of the one who gives it all.

I pick up all the pieces, for those that feel the fall.


Yeah, I’m a Pollyanna, dreams inside my head.

Mercies to be thankful for, a life for when I’m dead.

People say that I’m illogical, I should be crying out –

Because my life is hard, without a shadow of a doubt.


Yeah, I’m a Pollyanna, living kindly as I go.

All I ever had was this optimistic glow.

My domain is on this Earth, of this, I have no choice.

At least this poem gives me, a tiny little voice.


© The Secret Poetess, October 2017