You are pure.

So, may your heart endure.

You are kindness,

Wrapped in the flesh.

So, may your rich devotion replenish

And refresh.


As for me, I desire gardens –

Underneath which rivers flow.

Where sunlight does not burn,

Evil does not go.


So, if you can hear,

May your mind be clear.

And if you can listen to the mournful cries,

May you hear through constant hopeful sighs.


As for me, I desire pearls of wisdom,

cloistered in their shells.

I have no desire to see the darkest seven Hells.


If you can read,

May my words be as the poppy seeds.

If you can write,

May your eyes appreciate this true delight.


As for me, I desire for understanding beyond measure.

And yet I write in verse,

For it is pleasure.


If you can understand,

May your knowledge be of life unseen.

If you can grasp the truth of things,

May you know,

That you,

Have always,



© The Secret Poetess, October 2017