Who remembers the lessons learned?

The forgotten days of when we yearned,

For fairy tales that were true accounts.

Alas our dreams, drowned in monotonous counts.


Who remembers mathematical rules?

Geometry sets held by ignorant fools –

Our teachers taught us with a sigh –

For childhood was the long goodbye.


Of self-compassion, innocent times.

Truth wrapped up in nursery rhymes.

Ignorance was ever a bliss.

Now that truth has come to this.


The lesson that we needed, then…

Was how to love by word and pen,

To love ourselves when we needed it most.

To be our minds forgiving host.


And here we are, still learning now.

Still figuring out, what, why & how.

Forgive yourself, the lesson is deep.

Lessons learned are hard to keep.


© The Secret Poetess, August 2017