A while ago, time just stood still.

Static on the windowsill.

Watching the ‘tick’s’. Counting the ‘tocks’.

Denying the time on neon clocks.

Too slow…the day would drag along.

Assembly was a tired song.

Coerced to sing through staggered yawns.

We were sweet little children. Innocent pawns.

A while ago, life went too fast.

Speeding as if it would not last.

Watching the days. Counting the years.

Clearing our eyes through restless tears.




 I can be me.

It is allowed.

Today your spirit will not be cowed.

It does not hurt,

To be yourself.

It hurts some others.

It harms their health.

Or so they think…

As the pity party starts.

Back biting mouths.

Broken hearts.

I can be me.

It is allowed.

Today your spirit will be no shroud.





It can be done.

What’s done can also be undone.

By life, by lies.

By cruel words.


It is not always fun.

To be the one who cares too much.

Who remembers the name…

Of ‘Such and Such’.


It is not too easy.

Undoing what’s done.

To heal a heart…

Burning everyone.


© The Secret Poetess, July 2017