Devourers, we are! Eating all we see.

Ignorant of endings, a distant memory.

We’ve had our glut of lives, so many have been slain.

Some in fits of rage…and others? Oh…in vain.


We turn their bleak cadavers into platters for a prince.

Re-animate their bodies, to impress and to convince.

Irrational, persistent – we justify their ends.

We are only feaster’s, their faulty friends.


Oh yes, we do regret the loss… perhaps even the grief.

These beings that we kill, on land, in air… or reef.

It’s not our fault you see, the power is elsewhere.

We only kill to live! On oath, we swear.


Now, this feast is ending, we look back with dark regret.

Our true needs lost, our hopes unmet.

Will you now attend, this feast at its demise?

Do not mind the guests…. such woeful cries!


Sadness at the end of any revelry.

The mess of total chaos, greed and misery.

Down to us to pay, to recover all that’s lost.

We live our lives as debtors. We count the cost.


© The Secret Poetess, May 2017