A heavy cloud of thoughts – transgress the inner voice.

Echoes of the future – felt without a choice.

Feelings fending for themselves, phrases said in haste.

All the shame – all anger…laid to toxic waste.


Do not surmount the mountain made of stranger’s hopes.

It all seems impossible, to climb on twisted ropes.

Instead…delve down to daisies, in detritus & debris.

Rummage for the peace. It’s there for all to see.


Deeper down the valley, where the air is pure…

Peace is never wasted…it does endure.

Assumptions & opinions, narrations & regret.

Mean nothing in this valley, no futures set.


As a native or a nomad, this valley is for you.

Shout for merry echoes and admire the view.

All this is for taking by an artist yet unknown…

Happy echoes in this valley, upon a peaceful throne.


© The Secret Poetess, May 2017