I used to walk for miles & miles…

Physically, over gates & stiles.

Furiously on my way to work.

Secretly, with a little quirk.


I used to play a tune or two…

For hours playing oh so blue.

Tinkering at minor scales,

Playing songs of love & fails.


Now I write… because I can.

My mind the chasm I like to span.

I may not have the strength to walk.

Yet my mind still loves to talk.


I cannot play like I once did.

The scales like mountains…God forbid.

I may be rusty and miss a beat.

Yet music is my special treat.


I used to walk for miles & miles,

Happier days with genuine smiles.

Now I limp along the way.

Yet more alive than any day.


© The Secret Poetess, March 2017