“Raised in my own house! a slave of yonder land!
Purchased in the square…by my own righteous hand!
How can he be my downfall, my salvation…yet my hope!
How I stand this shame Zuleika… go and tie the rope!

The priests of Aman temple will ring their hands with glee…
Demanding of my audience, to make a show of me.
How can I love him still… yet put him in the jail?
Zuleika… you have sickened me… you’ve gone beyond the pail.

Why did this crime occur…am I not first in court?
Did I not give sweet offerings… of every holy sort?
Was I blind to lover’s eyes, twinkling stardust in the night?
Did I ignore the shadows, in my suspicious sight?

I cry these tears of shame, to pity my own life.
Zuleika you’re my confidante, my prize, my wife.
I did not see it coming… perhaps I am to blame.
Zuleika… I forgive you, but will He do the same?”


© The Secret Poetess, March 2017