Taught in schools – to think in lines…

Remembering numbers through helpless whines.

Becoming numb to the endless chant…

A life full of ‘no’ & ‘no you can’t’.


Wordless thoughts looking out of windows.

Dreaming this is NOT how life goes.

Breaking free from a useless race.

It’s just not real… this hopeless place.


An education is like a box of tricks.

Full of wonder & wizard sticks.

Spells are taught & memorised.

Brains are fried & paralysed.


Oh! to be taught outside the box…

Original thinking…like the wily fox.

Trained to think in unique ways –

To survive the race to the end of days.


‘Blue sky thinking’…outside the box.

Lyrical lines with the office socks.

Oh! To stop with all these boxes!

Thoughtless thoughts…full of Paradoxes.



© The Secret Poetess, February 2017