The brand new suit, the shiny shoes.

The contacts you don’t want to lose.

The trite profile with the inane smile.

Feigned to take you that extra mile…


FORGET ALL THAT! It’s all a lie.

Designed to make you break, to cry.

Confidence comes from the heart – within.

Not from a shirt…or a gold tie pin.


It can be faked, yes…you have heard.

I’m here to tell you…that’s all absurd.

Confidence is knowing deep, inside,

That you are worthy, with some humble pride.


You know that all will be just fine.

You are the pearl… no, not the swine!

You praise yourself. You praise others most…

No need to brag. No need to boast.


True confidence will shine right through.

Your face, your all you do.

So much for the confidence ‘trick’.

Faking smiles… can make you sick.


© The Secret Poetess, February 2017