There was once a haughty King, and we shall call him King…

That favoured all the gifts that his subjects used to bring.

Each day he sat upon his throne, receiving tributes, grand.

Yet he hankered for a jewel – the best, you understand.


His subjects did their utmost, to pander to his needs.

They searched among the city, by the river and the reeds…

Until they came across a jewel, well hidden by the shore.

They all began to realise, that they need not search for more.


Precious was this hidden jewel – unique in shape and size.

To look on it too long would be a pleasure to the eyes.

The subjects did not tarry as they raced to their good King.

They knew a prize was due… perhaps a golden ring?


The King was waiting hopefully as he was wont to do.

Until the subjects raced to him and said: “This is for you.”

“Great King we found this by the shore not far from river reeds,

We hope that it entices you and meets all of your needs.”


The King was just astounded, surprised and yet in fear,

For he knew his search was over and the future was not clear.

He thanked all of the subjects – he praised them in his hall.

He took them to the treasury  and said: “Please take it all.”


The King began to run – the jewel was in his hand…

He had become possessed in his own homeland.

A castle was erected filled with strong prison cells…

He called upon the wizards to cast the ancient spells.


“You are protected now…great King of this pure land…

Forever in your prison, we beg you understand.”

The King just shrugged his shoulders and ordered them to go…

He asked for his stone mason, shouting “Search high and low…”


The mason closed the prison cells in granite, cold and grey.

The King was not affected for the jewel was his, this day.

It wasn’t until the silence came…and broke his precious jewel,

That he realised, to his misery…he had been an utter fool.



© The Secret Poetess, February 2017.