To the physician that may happen upon this telling verse,

I beseech you to just listen – before I reach the hearse.

Clinical you may be – writing symptoms down in ink.

Remember that’s a person and not a kitchen sink.

Disease is what it says it is – a body not in ease.

Compassion helps the invalid get better in degrees.

Psychiatrists, pathologists, scientists et al.

You’re needed to be human to the masses, large or small.

Refrain from giving judgement, where judgement does not help.

Stark words in haste can make a person yelp.

Some souls they may be dying for no more than reassurance.

Forget the cost of illness, their steep insurance.

Health is not a luxury like a dress upon the rail…

Thank you for the script Doc, I hope it does not fail.


© The Secret Poetess, February 2017.