Where does love begin and hatred end?
At what cost, what dividend?
Has the beast awoken … I can but wonder.
As our lives are cleft asunder.

Yet just like water – the air we breathe,
Without them, we would sorely grieve –
As if missed opportunities, forgotten in time,
Were multiple sins, hideous crime.

That’s how it seems – for now at least.
We have all unleashed a vicious beast.
He rises to set in Zion we’re told.
A Tangerine dream – brash – so bold.

The beast could be the end of us all!
He lives on those that don’t hear the call.
On those that never lift a finger.
On those that want the pain to linger.

Carry on, clipped wings and all.
It does not matter – the beast will fall.
Not long now until the beast meets fate.
He’ll beg forgiveness, far too late.


© The Secret Poetess, February 2017