Tell me that I’m clever, more intelligent than my friend.

Watch me become arrogant…suffering in the end.

Tell me that you’re proud of the effort I put in.

Watch me grow and flourish with a grin.


Make me happy every day – don’t let me cry at all.

Watch me become lost every time I hit a wall.

Teach me about happiness – how it’s all up to me.

Watch me as I laugh, fit and happily.


Hit me with that stick, punish me at will.

Watch me hide… it’s the spirit that you kill.

Offer me a carrot, some praise for doing good.

Watch me be the pride of your neighborhood.


Keep me busy all the time, no rest for wicked souls.

Watch me get so tired, missing all the goals.

Let me find my loves, my passions on my own.

Let me plant the seeds, the ones that you have grown.


Matters of the heart and the body come to that.

Don’t keep that information strictly under your hat.

Be open with the blessings of the body and the heart.

Honesty with frankness is a brilliant start.


Lastly, as you know – boredom is a chore.

Yet let me be bored – I humbly implore.

I am your child… yet to arrive.

I send this plea… so that I may thrive.


© The Secret Poetess, January 2017