I foresee the future times. The world will not be green.

The people will be living in a nightmare we had seen.

Pulling at their cables with the regular power cuts.

Clawing at their faces when the pharmacy shuts.


I foresee that leaders will blame the ones below.

The ones below will shout and put on quite a show.

Sickly people die in droves, wishing they took heed…

To that guru years ago, who said that they would bleed.


The water will be poison, much more than it is now.

Meat will be forgotten due to issues with the cow.

Fish will be no more, they will never stand the heat.

Leaving insects to digest, crunchy bittersweet.


The time frame you may ask for this telling prophecy?

Shall I answer with a shout or a trite philosophy?

We are getting nearer now that the bees are dying fast.

No-one’s sure how long the oil will ever last.


Take it from a seer, humble though I am.

I listen to the water as it pushes on the dam.

I watch the rubbish piling in the normal rubbish bins.

I see the people throwing full recycled tins.


Prophecy through ages has been rather silly stuff.

Until you find one truthful – then you’ve had enough.

All this talk of futures, whilst we ruin it with lead.

Leave this tale for others yet to live – up ahead.


© The Secret Poetess, November 2016