Tread carefully near the broken, their fires burning bright.

The fire they carry can burn you, with cruel, faithless spite.

Yet if you feel the coolness of their honest painful tears…

Make sure you be there always to settle all their fears.


Who can control the flame lit by bitter betrayal?

Who can stop the fire if you fear, you fall, you fail?

Flames will burn despite the cries, the offerings to cease.

It’s in their nature, their way, their wild caprice.


Don’t be burnt by flames offered by the broken.

You too can burn – the truth has spoken.

Smother their flames with love, with fierce compassion.

Protect yourself with faith; it is never in a ration.


The broken can feel their own burning, blazing visions.

Love is the food to feed their ravenous divisions.

Tread carefully near the broken; you may cry as you hear them say:

“I was like you are once…remember this today”


© The Secret Poetess, November 2016