Perchance, you don’t have time to read this little verse.

After this, when all is said  – you will probably just curse.

Try to take the time to understand its meaning.

If you stop a moment, you can forget about the cleaning.

Every moment wasted, a second of displeasure.

Never mind the clock, it’s ticking at its leisure.

Calamity can reign in hasty actions taken.

Every second wasted a pleasure is forsaken.


Perchance, you feel deflated when you think upon your life.

Endless days you’ve waited…impatience has been rife.

Relax and focus deeply and hold that precious thought.

Save your tears forever for they truly amount to nought.

End the scattered thinking that finds the deep despair.

Veer towards perfection but know it’s just not there.

Excellence to strive for is the only road to travel,

Resist the winding paths that make your soul unravel.

All the days are numbered for each of us to thrive.

Never mind the holes – they make you feel alive.

Carry on regardless, pick up your fallen dream.

Endurance is alive however it may seem.


Perchance,  it has been difficult to end the wars on Earth.

Elements of evil have cancelled out the mirth.

All of us can help to end the battles now…

Cease the endless fighting…

Ease our troubled brow.


© The Secret Poetess, November 2016