All of us are guilty of not accepting fate.

Call us what you will, we can not accept hate.

Cavernous our minds filled with dreams left to fade…

Everyone falling further…whatever our grade.

Perhaps if we let go – we can begin to climb,

That mountain of Utopia – terrible and sublime.

Annihilate our ego’s… succumb to fate and will,

Never let the dreams die.. swallow that bitter pill.

Call us what you will, we now accept our fate,

Everyone on time, for none, is ever late.


Altruistic maybe…or the selfish gene at work?

Sell your soul for others…never ever shirk.

See the people put you down every single day…

Ever are the poor, stressed in every way.

Remember this is WRONG…think something of YOURSELF.

They never give up hurting. Take care of your rare health.

In spite of others moaning that they should top your list…

Vying for your time whilst grabbing at your wrist.

End the pain and suffering in your precious mind.

Never give up trying to be better than just kind.

End the tears, the raging… before you do depart.

Stand up for your rights and say what’s in your heart.

Slay the world  of haters and be ASSERTIVE from the start.


Behold the magnificent Earth!

Even mankind stands in awe….

All the world a palace,

Ugly people on its floor.

Time to clean the waste, the dirt that’s gone before,

You must not be afraid of the beauty that’s in store.



© The Secret Poetess, November 2016.