Genuine love is hard to find… in a world that is lonely and not so kind.

Hearts full of hope with lustful desire, hoping that love will spark that fire.

Each one of them scared – afraid to be hurt. Frightened to falter to writhe in the dirt.

Hearts  can live long… even in pain. Years can go past fighting in vain.

Searching for peace – clinging to dreams. Love is never as it seems.

Remember these words for the dark days that blind.

When fears take over and no one is kind.

For love is not present at every stop on the road.

It can disappear under a heavy load.

Blighted by greed, hurt by despair – love can live on without a care.

Love does not need diamonds to stop all those tears,

Diamonds wrapped up in guilt and fears,

All love needs is an innocent heart, a truthful word and a fateful start.

Fan the flames slowly, only at first.

Love is for everyone….especially the cursed.


© The Secret Poetess, 2016