“Good will to all men” among the bombs and the lies,

Peace on Earth would be a huge surprise,

Children are scarred by the fire and pain,

Their tears are falling like forgotten rain.

Souls that depart in raging dark seas,

Escaping a life of war and disease,

Shunned by the world in our plain sight,

Do not watch lest you suffer a fright!

Give thanks and be well but remember the lost,

Remember that war has a terrible cost.

Mercy and hope can be found in the few,

Let us all hope that it is found in you.

“Be the CHANGE” they tell us proud,

“You have the POWER” they shout out loud,

Yet we all know that we have none,

Whilst in the face of a smoking gun.

Weapons abound to silence disdain,

To cause such mighty searing pain…

Each side is to blame – each side has a name…

Can’t they just stop playing this crazy game?

Let us all beat to a different drum –

Each of us equal and part of the sum…

Create a world that honours all life –

Put hope in our hearts… instead of this knife.

Be merry and bright this cold Christmas night,

Revel in happiness, love and delight.

The world is fighting for freedom so pure,

Please make sure you are part of the cure.

© The Secret Poetess